Bootstrap your startup

Plugin solution for website, auth or payment.
Focus on your product.

Focus on value.
Hack away at the unessential.

Ship an amazing product.
Delight customers.
Concentrate on your USP.
Don't stress about non-differentiatials like landing page, auth or payment.
Focus on value.<br />Hack away at the unessential.

Straight to success.

We guide you with best pratices to a lean, customer centric product. Shorten your way to market fit. Measure GDPR compliant. Everything highly customizable. Inject your logic. All optional. Take only parts or everything.
Simplify.<br />Straight to success.
Tell - Landing page
Tell - Landing page
Start with a highly customizable landing page. Optimized for speed, conversion and SEO. We rock Google Lighthouse. Collect signup's, email adresses and payments.
Collect - Payment and billing
Collect - Payment and billing
Collect payments world wide in local currencies. VAT, billing, support, customer rights - all via us. You receive one payment and one invoice.
Connect - Authentification
Connect - Authentification
Easily integrate with our plug-in auth solution. See who is using your product and what he is paying for. Even sell to orgs managing a large user base.
Grow - Analytics
Grow - Analytics
In development: We are building a custom DWH solution to help you figure out acquisition, activation, retention, referrals and revenue. Tightly coupled with AB Testing capabilities, affiliation and paid marketing.


  • No payments
  • Up to 1000 users
  • Community support
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  • Accept payments
  • Unlimited users
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5% of revenue
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  • Senior consulants
  • 10 hour blocks
$150 / hour
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